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Why reinvest in new equipment if I am going to sell in the near future?

Recently, I have seen several companies wanting to sell who have not invested in any new equipment for several years. Most blamed the downturn in sales due to the recession and also questioned why should they incur any new debt if they wanted to retire or sell? While, I do not generally recommend that a retiring owner borrow money, I do believe that you have the run the business as …Read More


Orders and Optimism Up From Last GRAPH EXPO Reston, VA – It would have been hard for even the most tenacious of travelers to not be impacted by the significant challenges that the fire at the FAA facility in Aurora, Illinois caused for people attending GRAPH EXPO 14 and co-located CPP EXPO this year.  But despite 4,251 flight cancellations and over 12,000 significant delays at Chicago’s two major airports during …Read More

Introducing Your Member of the Month – Rick Schildgen

This month, we’re pleased to share that the member spotlight highlights Rick Schildgen, of CL Graphics. Who is Rick? Rick is the President of CL Graphics, located in Crystal Lake, IL. He has been involved in our industry in a number of ways – through his education, as an educator, as an active industry research participant, and since the age of 25 an integral part of CL Graphics and its success. …Read More

Marketing for Revenue Growth

I just returned from the TLMi Annual Meeting held in California. As usual, it was a great success. I was especially impressed with the speakers: Rick Barrera “Over Promise and Over Deliver”; Alan Beaulieu “Economic Outlook”; and Alex Goldfayn “Marketing for Revenue Growth.” All were excellent, but I felt that some of Mr. Goldfayn’s remarks were worth repeating. Listed below are those remarks: “You should systematically communicate your value to …Read More

VDP Leaders – Overcoming Obstacles

In our last blog, we talked about some of the common denominators we are hearing about in our interviews with digital leaders. These interviews are the result of follow-up phone calls after our study entitled, “Variable Data Printing: Realizing the Potential.” As we discussed in our last blog on the subject, it’s not that leaders don’t make the same mistakes, but instead leaders are quicker at finding their problems, identifying …Read More

Old Habits – New Habits

We sometimes get a bit queasy when asked to take on a new task or solve a problem that might require a new tool set. After all, we tend to know what we know and as humans, will usually defer to the tried and true methods of solving problems. Whether you are in sales, managing a sales team or own a business, the new “breed” of problems (sorry, I mean …Read More

Will Industry Silence Continue through November?

In about a month, we Americans will go to the polls to elect officials for national, state, and local office, including one-third of the US Senate and the entire US House of Representatives. In the intervening weeks, we’ll be pummeled by the candidates’ political advertise-ments telling us what models of wisdom and integrity each is, defending our liberties and way of life, while their respective opponents are the embodiment of …Read More

How I Got a Buyer Fired

My client, a furniture store “chain,” had a long history of wrapping their arms around their clients and sticking with them for years. They weren’t about price. They were about relationships, expertise, and trust. It was even in their company slogan. Their sales reps were not compensated on a commission basis so you had the feeling that they were there to ensure that you made the right decision for you …Read More

J. Kenneth Garner to Become AMSP/NAPL/NAQP Chief Executive Officer in January 2015

Joseph P. Truncale, Ph.D., Stepping Down after 30-Year Career with the Association To Become Chief Executive Officer of the Public Relations Society of America East Rutherford, N.J. (October 13, 2014) ― AMSP/NAPL/NAQP Chairman Tom Duchene today announced a transition of executive leadership at the combined association. Effective January 12, 2015, J. Kenneth Garner will become association Chief Executive Officer, succeeding Joseph P. Truncale, Ph.D., CAE. Truncale has announced his intention …Read More